• Alissa Shores

Paris Fashion Week 2018 Aalto

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

I worked at Propaganda Hair Group in 2018 and the salon picked up a new product line called Mr. Smith. Amazing products if you haven't tried them out yet. Mr. Smith invited one stylist to attend and work backstage at Paris Fashion Week as an assistant to Paolo Soffiati. That stylist was me! I packed up my kit and flew across the pond to Paris and spent a week going to cathedrals and museums before and after the fashion show. Backstage was the coolest experience and not necessarily doing the hair, which was fun too. The most memorable part for me was the people on the team! They came from all over the world to be there. All of them were open and just as kind as can be. I enjoyed talking with so many people and it was such an eye opener. I want to be surrounded by people who love good conversations, smile when you walk in and are not looking down at their phones all day! When you are the new girl it means a lot to be warmly welcomed and made to feel like part of the team.

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