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Mood Board

Mood boards are my favorite! To prepare for the bridal trial, I ask all future brides-to-be to send me their photos in advance. I also require photos of their natural hair from the front and the back.

After looking at your photos, I will send you my recommendations on how to prepare your hair for your bridal trial. It may include blowing out your hair to achieve a clean, smooth canvas or diffusing it to achieve that perfect natural wave.

Everything depends on your hair compared to the inspiration photos you send.

To achieve the best results, I always recommend that you choose hairstyles that compliment your hair color, texture, length, and density.

As a stylist, I am capable of doing incredible things but I am no magician. Please consider the humidity during the spring!

Bridal Party Mood Board

Today's wedding hair trends are anything but effortless, so it's my job to ensure expectations are managed and instructions are clear for guests. Below is an example of what a typical bridal party mood board will look like with specific instructions for each guest. After we have accounted for everyone, I will begin working on the wedding day schedule!

Thank you for reading,


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