Bridal Hair Services

Hollywood Waves

The Hollywood waves style requires both time and patience. It could take 1 to 2 hours depending on the length and density of the hair, especially if extensions are used. This hairstyle is exclusive to the bride, for the simple reason that no guest's hairstyle should compete with hers. For those with virgin hair that is naturally straight and silky, I do not recommend this look. I am not saying it is impossible, but it will require a curl test first.

Stylish Evening Hair

Signature looks defined by their attention to detail and the time it takes to create them. There are many styles to choose from, such as an updo, half up, mermaid braid, and a modern french twist. Ultimately, I believe my specialty lies in these types of styles. When it comes to styling evening hair, my bridal academy training really comes into play. Depending on the complexity of each look, it can take up to one and a half hours for the bride. There is considerable artistry involved in creating each hairstyle, and they are not done on a whim, since each head is shaped differently and has a different density or texture of hair. Choosing the perfect place to pin the crown or to place the braid is crucial, as well as creating balance and eye catching details with a perfect silhouette.

Salon Finish Out

Is a new service available to bridal party members and their guests. This is a wonderful service for people with a no fuss attitude! If you want to eliminate any back-and-forth or fear of the unknown, you can request a salon finishing service, ensuring that your hair is styled down without any pinning. You can choose between beach waves, soft romantic curls, hot rollers, and blowouts for your salon finish out. Everything else is up to you! Feel free to twist some of your hair back in the bathroom to create a DIY look. Got interesting clips or accessories to show off? Pop it in and let's party!


Below is what I charge and why.

I think it is better to remove all the additional fees and encapsulate them into one rate. This is the ideal way I see and what I am aiming for with my business.


The total for my Brides includes the 2 hour bridal trial and consultation, wedding day hair, mood board, veil session, extension application if needed, planning and travel. Approximately $300.

Bridal Party

To have an amazing bridal party pregame, you need a clear plan for getting everyone ready for the wedding. My bridal party scheduling includes a detailed schedule for each guest and their hair type. I send a form after the bridal trial process is completed so you can easily upload photos for your guests.

I refer to everyone as Guests instead of Mother of the Bride, Maid of Honor, or Bridesmaid. My main concern is that your hair looks amazing, regardless of your role in the bridal party.

I charge $125 per guest for a Signature Evening Hairstyle. What does that entail? It is a 45 minute or one hour appointment that is preplanned with questionnaires and instructions on how to prepare the hair ahead of time..

In the case of Junior Guests between the ages of eleven and seventeen, I charge $85 with the expectation that their hair will be minimal or simple. However, if they wish for more advanced hairstyles, their rate would increase.

I shouldn't forget Flower Girls! The price for children between the ages of six and ten is $65 with the understanding that their hair will be minimal or simple.

I do offer a minimal hairstyling service called the Salon Finish Out. You can choose to have your hair blow dried or ironed, not both. Basically, the salon finish out is just a down hairstyle without any fuss. You have the option of beach waves, romantic soft curls, hot rollers or just a blow out. Starting at $85.

An additional $25 will be charged for blow-drying and ironing.g

Additional Expenses

If you are staying at a hotel, Valet Parking would be applied to your room.

In case your bridal party is pressed for time, I can bring in a Junior Assistant for $125 to help speed up the process.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!