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A bridal trial consists of what?

When you book a bridal trial you are getting a preview of what your hair will look like on your wedding day. Please note for all bridal trials, I schedule two hours. My two hour window of time is reserved exclusively for clients who have paid a deposit and signed a contract.

An example of a 20% deposit is $152 for a 5 person wedding totaling $760. As soon as the amount has been paid, you can schedule a bridal trial.

Listen, I know it is hard to pick one style! It is possible to have a second look during a bridal trial, but it will cost extra and take more time. Plan on 3 hours at the rate of $225 for two looks.

For my signature bridal hairstyles, it generally takes me about an hour and a half. These times are an estimate based on trends that I've observed. It is not every bride's dream to have Hollywood waves or a polished updo. So timing does depend on a few factors.

My design style is based upon the lines and texture I see in hair inspiration photos, and I use my own creativity to add a touch of personalization. My goal for becoming a wedding hairstylist is not to copy everyone else's techniques exactly, but to be inspired by those I admire!

In the process of styling, I like to confirm key details like volume and texture before moving on, hoping to achieve the perfect outcome. After the hairstyle is completed, it's time for the reveal! I would appreciate your feedback about the overall look at this point.

We will take photos and try on the veil once we have made any necessary adjustments.

After the bridal preview, I will send you a follow-up email to see if there is anything else you would like to add to your "day of wedding" notes about your hair that we did not discuss at the preview.

It is always my objective to achieve your desired look, but not all hair types can be suited to all hairstyles. My role is to point you in the direction of what I think is possible with your hair based on my level of expertise, combined with my own personal style.

See a preview of my mood boards below:

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