January 1, 2021


You may have come across my website or instagram. Fallen in love with the braids and stylized updos? Thank you! Your appreciation means so much to me, you will never know! Hair styling is not just a job or a pay check for this girl by any means, it is an obsession. I love the art of hair and strain for ultimate perfection. Bridal hair is one of my favorite spheres of the beauty industry, filled with enchanting elements like flowers in the hair, and never ending ways to use bobby pins.

I want to make myself available to brides because bridal hair is so alluring and you my darling are the next canvas. I don't want to sound pretentious by any means, and when you meet me, you will find a normal girl who grew up like a tomboy hitting the trails on her bike and never thought she would fall into cosmetology school way back in 2005. Today, I work on TV shows like Fear The Walking Dead, sometimes on one of those cowboy westerns shooting in Driftwood, or the Period ensemble down in San Antonio or at the Driscoll downtown. My career has been primarily movies and tv series shooting in Texas, however I day dream on set about gorgeous updos and cascading tendrils. The problem as an artist, especially me, is that I can't stick to one thing, because I get bored. I like to skip around from Weddings, Movies, TV series, Photoshoots, Fashion and on occasion behind the chair. That is how I source new and creative ideas!

The point of telling you this? I want to make you aware that I am not an ordinary wedding hair stylist that books 30min services. I have a maximum of 5 people that requires 5 hours total, because every client deserves as much time as the Bride, in my opinion, because I do not believe in working "as fast as possible" in order to squeeze in as many people. A good hair dresser will spend the time to "prep" the hair accordingly to achieve what each person's desired look is for the day. I do not want to work at a buffet line serving up basic updos and then go home exhausted with no lunch, ready to pass out on the sofa. No thank you! 

Way back in 2008, I joined a labor union called The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Allied Crafts Local 484, which means I have been spoiled with on location catering and craft services! Don't worry, I do not expect much other than the appropriate amount of time and compensation for my work. I want to enjoy the experience as much as the people I am working with or else it was just for the money. "Quality over quantity," as cliche as that phrase sounds, well that is how I operate in this world.

Every blank canvas that sits in my chair is an opportunity to showcase something beautiful and meaningful. If this reflects what you are looking for when hiring a hair stylist for your wedding, please send me an email. I would love nothing more than to chat with you and discuss your dream hair for you and your closest friends and family.

One last note, I am not booking until April due to working with AMC and protecting the cast and crew of the series I am currently employed on till March.

Feel free to reach out at that time!



Austin, TX

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