Hair Prep Guide

Lets Start with the Up-Do's

DO arrive with clean, dry hair. I can easily make the hair "dirty" with products. A very oily head of hair is almost impossible to work with. It weighs the hair down tremendously, it has a hard time holding any curl or height, and forget about any airy vibes. Some oil is to be expected with some clients & can be handled quickly with a spritz of dry shampoo. 


DO blow your hair out smooth if your hair has natural curl, texture, or extremely thick. You can blow it out or have it done professionally the day before. All that matters is that I am working with a smooth canvas of hair unless you want a style with your own natural texture. Having to blow out a thick, long, heavy, tight curl can easily take an hour or more. 

Now let's talk about the Up-Dont's

DON'T flat iron the hair whatsoever. Once the hair is flat ironed, it will NOT hold a curl or the curl will be very uneven & odd. Unless you prefer an updo with no curl pattern. 

DON'T show up with wet hair unless you booked a blow out. Nothing is worse than falling behind schedule because of the time it takes to blow dry even damp hair.


DON'T apply any coconut oil, leave in conditioners, or hard hairspray, etc. 


DON'T wear terry cloth robes or any robe or collar that is going to continuously rub up against the underneath of the updo causing it to get flyaways & even start pulling little pieces out. Once their hair is done everyone needs to wear the robes off of the shoulders as to not disturb the updo. I can't be all rushing around, following them out the door with bobby pins to fix the back of every hairstyle that I had perfect but now it's all messed up from a collar or even worse, a terry cloth robe! *shudders

Following this Hair Prep Guide will ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone will be happy!!!




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