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Hair Prep Guide

Let's start with the up-do's

Wash your hair the night before or the same morning if you have oily hair. 

Do blow your
hair out smooth

It is best practice to prep your own hair by blowing it out smooth, unless you have naturally straight hair. 

Make sure there is no collar.

Avoid terry cloth robes.

Make sure it is loose enough to fit over head. 

Do wear a loose fitting top

Do arrive with clean dry hair

Do use a volume mousse

Before you blow dry use a handful of body building mousse from Kevin Murphy or R+Co.

A very oily head of hair is almost impossible to work with. It weighs the hair down tremendously, it has a hard time holding any curl or height, and forget about any airy vibes.

Some oil is to be expected with some clients & can be handled quickly with a spritz of dry shampoo.

I can easily make the hair "dirty" with products.

Close-up of hair dryer, concept cut salon, female stylist..jpg

Let's talk about curly hair

If your hair is curly and frizzy, blow it out if you want a smooth textured updo.
You can blow it out or have it done professionally the day before.
All that matters is that I am working with a smooth canvas of hair unless you want a style with your own natural texture.
Having to blow out a thick, long, heavy, tight curl can easily take an hour or more.

Natural Wave or Curl

Recommended hair prep:

  • Wash the same day
  • Apply curl defining cream
  • Diffuse on low setting
  • Apply hair oil or anti-frizz cream

Now Let's talk about the up-don'ts

Don't flat iron
the hair

Now there are exceptions to this rule, only under professional advisement should you use a straight iron.

Don't show up
with damp hair

This can cause a delay in the schedule. Heaven forbid we are late!

Don't apply any coconut oil

Avoid any coconut oil the week of your wedding or deep conditioners. 

Don't use any
hard hairspray

Sometimes, it works against you if it is too strong! I'm looking at you grandma with the Aqua Net.

If you prefer an updo with no curl pattern and you have curly hair, please use a straight iron before you get your hair done to save time.

Nothing is worse than falling behind schedule because of the time it takes to blow dry even damp hair.

If you have too much hard hold hairspray or gel your hair will be too difficult to work with.

DON'T wear terry cloth robes or any robe or collar that is going to continuously rub up against the underneath of an updo causing it to get flyaways & even start pulling little pieces out.

Once the hair is done everyone needs to be mindful of their hair. 


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