Up-Dos, Boho Braids, or Half Up Half Down.

Let's Start With A Photo.

If you’ve saved loads of bridesmaid hair ideas to your Pinterest board and are still no closer to choosing your bridesmaids’ hairstyles for the 3 that are a close match to your texture, density, length and color. Whatever you do bring at least one photo!

Choose A Bridesmaid Hairstyle That Won't Clash with the bride.

Even though you want to look pretty, ensure that the hairstyle will enhance the Bride's look, rather than overpower it. Remember it’s not your wedding day and you are not the main focus of the day.

Keep to the wedding theme.

Make sure the bridesmaids’ chosen hairstyles tie-in with the wedding theme. It’s important for bridesmaids hairstyles to complement their bridesmaid dresses and the overall look and feel of the wedding. If the bridesmaids have matching dresses, why not opt for mismatched hairstyles?

Who Should Go First?

No one wants to be the first appointment! Everyone is worried about their hair and makeup lasting throughout the day, so I always remind my clients that, even if you're the very first appointment, you'll be touched up at the end so you look fresh as you walk out the door.

Be Flexible.

Strict schedules just don't work. Everyone's hair is different, so the service will take a different amount of time for each person. I try not to think in terms of 'appointments,' but having a schedule and an order for the wedding will help keep everyone on track and make sure we are finished on time. While we should create an order of who goes when, everyone should be ready and on her toes so she can get in the chair as soon as it's her turn. I must remind everyone that the timing is fluid, and ask them to be available all morning, so they can easily swap appointments if someone needs to step out for a few minutes or a bridesmaid is late to show up!


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