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Alissa Shores

Key Hair Stylist And IATSE Local 484 Central-At-Large

Thank you for visiting my landing page. 

My responsibilities include running a bridal hair and makeup company, working as a hairstylist on set, and even serving on the board of IATSE local 484.

As a result, I'm pretty busy trying to keep up with everything.

Here's what I do

Bridal Hair

Our goal at Moon Age Bridal is to create a look that is unique for each of our clients. Book your wedding below at Moon Age.

Texas Film 

IATSE Local 484 has been my home since 2008. The goal has always been to strengthen our union.


Invest time and energy in developing your portfolio and gaining confidence in your hair styling.


Dear Alissa,

“It has been wonderful making this film with you. You are so sweet with great energy. You’ve really brought this house to life!”

Jessica Chastain, Tree of Life 

Get to know me

The journey from set to salon to bridal hair begins with a look back at my past.

Moon Age Bridal

It has been my pleasure to announce the move of my bridal hair services to a new website. You are invited to explore my new company with Clare Robinette called Moon Age Bridal by clicking on the link below.



Moon Age Bridal

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